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Men's Grunt Style Pork & Knife

Men's Grunt Style Pork & Knife

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Introducing our latest tee, the "Pork & Knife" limited edition, featuring none other than Ramon el Lechón, decked out in his finest fedora and sporting a mischievous grin, ready to take on the world armed with a fork and knife. But fear not, folks, he's not eyeing his own kind—just prepping for a feast fit for a pig of style! With a design that pays homage to Ramon's sophistication and love for a good meal, this tee is a playful addition to your wardrobe. Plus, with the quality you expect from Grunt Style, you'll be comfy and stylish, whether you're pigging out or just lounging around. So grab your slice of humor and join the Pork and Knife party today! #funnyfashion #ramonellechon #pork&knife #lechonjunkie #ingeniumapparel #funnyapparel 

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